A size-agnostic checkout.

Mix flexible payment options with a tablespoon of cutting-edge technology and a handful of intuitive user experience, et voilá - the sales-boosting soup is cooked.

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Designed to meet your needs.

Our checkout is adaptable according to your needs. Whether you want a Plug-and-Play integration, or just customize your e-commerce customer journey with our checkout via our modern and intuitive REST APIs - we've got your back. Get in touch and we'll help you get started!

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Be mobile in a mobile world.

Sell anywhere with payment links. Get rid of that clumsy card reader and digitalize even your physical sales. The link can be sent via SMS, email or shared via social media. Easy-peasy!

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Seamless e-commerce integration.

Fight cart abandonment rates by reducing friction at the point of sale online. With us you ensure that your customers get a frictionless user experience, regardless of what items the cart contains. Zaver Checkout is surprisingly easy to integrate, fully responsive and fits seamlessly in your website.

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Magic overview. Epic back office.

Our merchant portal has a simple and intuitive interface adapted for your needs in order to manage payments. With a widescreen-like overview of how your business is doing in real time, you'll also be able to download reports, manage users, refunds, access rights and much more.

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Simplifed B2B payments.

Selling products and services to businesses? No problemos! With Zaver, you can streamline your B2B payments too. Spoiler: more to come within this space.

Grow your business with Zaver.

Be confident that you always give your customers the best experience possible. We'll keep you up to date with a checkout that constantly improves.

Dedicated support.

We’re here to help you or your customers when you need us.

BankID identification.

Safe and secure authentication methods (market specific).

Effortless integration.

Get started quickly with our Plug-and-Play solution or REST APIs.

Stay up to date.

Stay up to date with a checkout that constantly improves and optimises.

Instant payouts.

Get paid instantly. Don’t pay extra for liquidity, it’s included.

Boost your sales.

By allowing your customers to pay on their own terms.

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Increase sales with tailor-made payment methods.

Improve your liquidity and boost sales by offering your customers the flexibility to pay when and how they want. We will provide you with customized payment methods that fits your business model. Probably with the highest conversion rates within high ticket baskets.

“Zaver makes it faster and easier to run the business through its smart payment platform, where we also can settle the transaction immediately. This means that we can focus on what we are best at instead.”


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