The future of payments.

In 2016, our founder Amir Marandi, made a pivot from becoming an engineer to challenge status quo, the incumbents, and improve the way we make the largest purchases in life.

Our first pitstop on this journey is to accelerate the movement towards mobile payments - built for a mobile world. We want to make the largest purchases in life as frictionless as buying a pair of shoes online, by offering flexible payment methods for a variety of verticals.

Since launching commercially in Sweden 2019, we’ve gone from zero, to processing billions of EUR - a result of hard work, customer-oriented mindset, and passionate people who want to make some real impact in this world. The time is up for legacy.

At Zaver, we are looking into the future with wide-open eyes, building a brand new financial tech-focused ecosystem from the ground. An ecosystem of automated financial tools, perfectly tailored to suit people and businesses of different types and shapes. We’re preparing for the big wedding of UX and finance - once and for all.

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Join the revolution!

Zaver is a rocket ready to launch! And we're always interested in finding more Zavers who want to join our journey into the galaxy. Are you techy, strategic, creative, front or backend? Or do you have some completely different specialty you want to contribute with? Get in touch! You might be one of the stars we are looking for.