Aftén Bil - In search of a more flexible payment solution.

Photo: Aftén Bil

Aftén Bil is a Volkswagen, Seat, Cupra and Kia car dealership in Norrort, Stockholm. With its product specialists, dedicated staff and high-quality products, the company’s objective is to help customers buy cars safely and securely. Today, the company has six facilities and a tire business in Åkersberga. The ambition for the future is clear: to grow!

Wanted to simplify payments for his staff.

Björn, who is the CFO of the company, says that the search for a new payment solution began when they discovered a need to make work easier for both the company's sales staff and administrators. Among other things, problems arose during the weekends when the sales staff needed to be notified by the administrators, but the administrators weren’t back in the office until Monday. When the decision finally was made to use Zaver, the company implemented solutions for both deposits and withdrawals (Checkout, Cashout). The solutions have since been integrated with existing business systems at some facilities and used as a stand-alone solution at other facilities.

Zaver’s solution have decreased the workload for our administrators and completely eliminated questions concerning whether a payment has been received or not.
Björn Hammarberg

More efficient administration and faster customer service.

Björn believes that since they started using the service, Zaver’s solutions have completely eliminated questions concerning whether a payment has been received or not. “The workload for our administrators has decreased at the same time as customers can be handled faster and more frictionlessly, without delay. We can see that Zaver’s solutions both help our operations and are extremely cost-effective compared to other payment solutions in the market.”

Intuitive and easy to get started.

Another reason for which Björn thinks Zaver’s solutions work well is that both implementation and training have gone very smoothly. The system has been perceived as user-friendly and easy to understand by both sales staff and customers. “From the administrative side, we feel that Zaver has simplified our work. In addition to less questions concerning whether a payment has reached the account or not, reconciliation of the cash register is now also much smoother, since we manage an increasing number of payments via Zaver and they all are included in only one transaction report."

Customer demand.

Zaver’s payment solutions have quickly gone from being relatively unknown to Aftén Bil's customers, to now being in demand by customers."They really like the simplicity and in connection with our roll-out to our service market, we have also started to offer 12 months interest-free installment payment, which has been very much appreciated," says Björn. As a next step, Björn says that Aftén Bil also intends to go live with B2B sales and the plan is to handle all private invoices within the organisation via Zaver. "We want to do this to, among other things, avoid reminders, which will make administration even easier."